website graphics can do computers birminghamThe modern websites of today have become much simpler with more use of white space and less clutter. With plain backgrounds and simple text, websites are geared up to be user friendly.

Adding just the right logo and graphic though can make or break things, and therefore it’s worth taking the time to get the right ones. That doesn’t mean they need to always be fancy and expensive, just good quality and real.

Here then are a few pointers to make sure you get things rightly arranged:

1. Communication is the key to letting your graphic designer know exactly what you are looking for on your website. Talk things through, ask questions and share your thoughts. It is your website so be clear when you discuss your requirements.

2. Matching your Brand and existing colours and designs is important to your business so make sure that you present your graphic designer with everything relating to this. Include your website, business cards, leaflets, brochure, letter headings and anything else relating to your Brand that you already have.

3. Show your graphic designer some examples of any ideas you have that may help to produce what you are looking for. You may have seen a graphic that has given you an idea or you may have drawn up an image of what you need. Just remember, graphic designers can’t read minds, so the more information you provide, the better understanding they will have regarding what your requirements are.

4. Keep it simple and stay away from clutter, use images to get your message across to users. Plain colours and simple text will draw users to your images and may keep them on your website a little while longer.

5. Use text images to give users specific information. Interesting images with text can provide the user with a lot of information without having to scroll through the website. The text should be simple, straight to the point and contain a clear message.

6. Use movement to get the message across quickly between different website images. An example of this can be found on my website. A rotating slide show will automatically begin when a user comes on to the site. They are taken through the slides in logical order so that my message can be reinforced. The rotations happen quickly so that the simple text can be read within a few seconds. This will help to keep the users attention throughout the whole sequence.

Using a graphic designer is something that is well worth looking into if you want to add that special something to your website.