Computer Repairs in Birmingham and West Midlands 

computer repairs birmingham canb do computersIf your computer, PC, or Mac computer needs a repair, we're the 'can do' people to help quickly and easily resolve and see you up and running. Whether it's an urgent repair as your computer in now not operating, or it's something less urgent that we can schedule in - let us know your predicament and we'll get straight back to you.
If your computer still operates and you can get internet access, then we can help with immediate remote connection to begin diagnostics. Otherwise we can speak on the phone or arrange a call out or for you to drop in at times to suit.
If your machine won't even fire up, then don't panic, we can still help trouble shoot over the phone or email. It maybe just a power or connection issue, and there may even be a way to quickly crank up and obtain access to delve further into.

What Computer Repairs and Fixes We Cover 

In terms of the nitty-gritty and technical aspect of what works we cover, here's a glimpse:
Covering all forms of computer, for example desktops, laptops, PCs, and Macs. Whether it's personal or work based, we'll help get to the bottom of
Dealing with all operating systems and upgrade requirements, including memory upgrades and replacements
Ridding dreaded viruses and removing things like trojans to get your machine ticking over nicely, with the most effective and best-value spyware and anti virus software to suit
Tackling all aspects of physical computer repairs, from the mother board to the mouse and keyboard
Resolving your screens issues, including additional and new ones where needed, and all issues from cracks, smears and dimmed screens, to flickers
Getting connections back working, whether standard sockets and jack points, USB and flash drives, or the good old hard drive
Data recovery and protection, from USB and external hard drives, and helping retrieve important documents and images
Making sure power is up and running, whether direct mains connection or new and better batteries
Looking at the best internet connection to suit, from wireless and routers, to direct lines and connection with any internal home or business network and server

Our Basis of Computer Repairs

We can accommodate everything, so whether a fixed amount is needed for a certain task, or just an initial call out or hourly rate. We always work with client's own requirements, including if yourselves or any existing techie colleagues are involved that we can work with, and arranging practicaialities such as collecting the computer and dropping off afterwards
All this can be guaranteed to make sure you know that what you get is covered, every time.
CONTACT US TODAY for immediate help and feedback, to help quickly and easily resolve your computer repair issues in Birmingham and the wider West Midlands